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Published Work

Stigmes, (Moments), Amastris Magazine, 2011

Beskoy, Surmena, Trabzon, Turkey, 2008

Here in the village of Beskoy, tradition and culture mingle. Pontic Greek is still spoken and the old Ottoman tradition of pipe smoking has survived.  The nargile (NAHR-gee-leh), or Turkish water pipe, is an old way of smoking Turkish tobacco.

Stigmes, (Moments), Amastris Magazine, 2010

Determined to build his home in the hills behind the city of Trabzon, Turkey, a man carries a refridgerator along a dirt road where there is access for automobiles. In the foreground a relative carrying  a child leads the way.

Stigmes (Moments), Amastris Magazine, 2010

A village girl prepares to sell a folk doll at a mountain bazaar in the hills of Trabzon, Turkey.

Stigmes (Moments), Amastris Magazine, 2010

A muslim girl sits near the old city wall entrance waiting, while a Lyra/Kemence sits in the background along a cobblestone road in the old city district of Trabzon, Turkey.

Stigmes (Moments), Amastris Magazine, 2010

The Village Mayor  of Larahani, Trabzon, Turkey, with one shoe, tells of stories of the villages mixed Christian/Muslim Pontian history.

Pontos Culture, A Contemporary View of Black Sea Culture, Brochure Cover, 1994-2010

An image of woman dancing,  from the documentary work in Eastern Turkey about  Black Sea culture is on the cover of the Press release about the exhibit. The exhibit was the first ever featured on the topic at the Greek Consulate in NY city.

Casinos Make a Bid on Philadelphia’s Chinatown, Debut Magazine, 2003

A street scene in downtown Chinatown, Philadelphia. The casino industry attempts to move in to Chinatown and build.

Survival of a Gumbo Culture, Swarthmore College Magazine, 2006

Life in New Orleans, post Katrina. Musicians, “The Last Straws” entertain guests, at Jackson Square in New Orleans.

Think Global, Teach Local, Swarthmore College Magazine, 2003

Aurora Camacho de Schmidt often teaches poetry in her Spanish classes as a way of getting to the heart of another culture.

Widener University Magazine Cover, 2000

Widener University’s helps and heals, by reaching out to the community.